Are you looking for some solid and functional plugins to add to your WordPress websites? Are you tired of finding the perfect one among the 59,000 plugins? If you think yes, give this article a brief and thorough read because this is precisely what we are talking about!

With the continuous evolution in the software industry, WordPress has also advanced to shape itself for its user’s convenience. And, no doubt, WordPress plugins have made the life of developers simple and efficient!

WordPress has prioritized users ‘ ease and benefits from easy adaptation to changes to multiple themes, from built-in blog options to user-friendly interfaces. And that is exactly why WordPress has become the priority of most developers.

However, the benefits of using WordPress don’t end here. It offers a wide range of more than 59,000 plugins that make your website more effective, functional, and up-to-the-mark. So, in this article, we are listing the top 6 plugins for your WordPress website you must have.

So, without further discussion, let’s jump straight to our first plugin!



  1. WP Rocket:


WP Rocket is a powerful cache plugin that optimizes and improves the website’s loading speed. It affects the overall SEO of the website, specifically technical aspects.

Not only is the installation process of this plugin is effortless, but it provides a variety of customization options to choose from for your WordPress websites like slow loading of the pages, optimization of the database, the loading time of images, restricting the loading of Js files and many more. WP Rocket is the best caching and loading speed plugin if you have a business or eCommerce website.

The setting process of the WP process takes around 3 minutes, and it optimizes almost 80% of your website right after installation.


  1. WP Forms:

With offering more than 300 pre-built templates of forums. If you want your website’s visitors to get in touch with your experts or schedule a consultation, get a WP Forum plugin on your WordPress website.

With WP Forms WordPress plugin, the follows are what you can get for your website:

● Email subscriptions forms

● Conversational forms

● Surveys and polls forms

● Registration and login forms

● Online order forms

● Payment and bill forms

You can build these forms in less than 5 minutes, and more than 5 million websites are using this plugin.

You can either get its Lite version if you want simple tasks. However, getting its Pro version is a good option if you have an eCommerce or large-scale website.


WordPress plugins have make the life of website developers easy.

  1. Seed Prod:

If you want an easy drag and drop editor for your WordPress website without putting your hand in coding and programming, then Seed prod is exactly what you want.

With the help of the Seed prod plugin, you can completely design your pages and their design within a few minutes. It has more than 100 attractive templates, or you can make your layout from scratch. You can design the landing page, service page, products page, contact page, and other pages of your website.

It also provides different advanced and functional features that make your designing work less time-consuming and straightforward, for example, social media profiles, timer, count down, clock, buttons, widgets, and many more.

Let me tell you the best part! It is functional for all the themes. So, you don’t have to worry about adjusting your WordPress theme. Whatever your theme is, install Seed proud and get yourself a catchy landing page in less than 5 minutes!


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  1. Woo Commerce:

If you want to create an online store for your products on your WordPress website, nothing can be better than Woo Commerce plugin because it will provide you with such advanced and functional features that will make your WordPress remarkable one of its kind.

Released in 2011, Woo Commerce is now powering more than 99% of the online stores on WordPress. This free-of-cost  WordPress plugin turns a website into a practical and functional e-commerce store.

Although the list of features of Woo-commerce is very long, we are listing some of the popular ones of this WordPress plugin below:

● Hundreds of themes

● Customization allowance

● Built-in blogging feature

● Management of inventory system

● Secure payment procedure

● Unrestricted number of products addition

● Unrestricted amount of images and graphics

● Addition of products reviews and ratings


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  1. Search WP:

Search WP provides you with the flexibility to set the search metrics on your WordPress website. You can set the searches algorithms and calculations yourself without getting your hand into programming.

Search WP allows you to monitor the searches your visitors are making on your website and whether they are finding it or not. With these analytics, you can customize the searcher on your website.

This WordPress plugin improves search results. It automatically increases visitors’ engagement and indexes every kind of content present on your websites like ACF fields, PDF documents, text files, custom tables, and custom taxonomies.

Moreover, if you have WooCommerce online store, it will index all kinds of content related to your store and products.

Although the plugin of Search WP is not accessible, the positive outcomes you will have from it are worth the price.


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  1. Uncanny Automater:

A productive and fully-functional WordPress website requires many plugins. And if you have an e-commerce store on WordPress, the number of plugins becomes uncountable.

So, Uncanny Automater is a WordPress plugin, both free and pro versions available, that manages and directs the other plugins working and assists the collaboration in their features and workings.

And the best part is that it requires zero coding or programming. It is a plugin that builds and simplifies the automation on websites. It also makes the two different WordPress websites collaborate and function together.

With the Uncanny Automater, you can automate the admin’s basic and everyday tasks and save time and effort.


The Final Thoughts :

Due to frequent user-friendly changes, extreme customization options, and extended functionalities, WordPress is home to more than 455 million websites. And the allowance features of third-part tools and plugins make it a foremost priority of many people.

So, as you are aware of the 6 must-have WordPress plugins, you are free to use them as you like and make your website remarkable and one of its kind.

However, if you are still confused about your website, let us take this matter into our hands. We at BSY Enterprises have a team of website professionals who have years of experience creating functional and up-to-the-mark websites for our valuable customers.

So, what is stopping you from getting an innovative, productive, and functional website?


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