Are you planning to get your business an e-commerce website? However, you are unable to implement this strategy onto your business due to the infinite number of myths you are getting? Are you in deep confusion and want to know whether having an e-commerce website is beneficial or not? If yes, then we are here to help you. Read this article to the end you will know top 10 e-commerce website myths and their realities.

As the name implies, an E-commerce website is a website that allows you to buy and sell online. It gives you an edge on the online transaction by providing a proper channel. The evolution of E-commerce websites has made it easier to discover products online. Along with choosing the best one among multiple options available.

Google defines eCommerce as:

“Commercial Transactions Conducted Electronically On The Internet.”

The world has changed in a variety of aspects over the past few decades. If we look back, the 90’s era sounds so obsolete now when you have to visit stores to purchase every product. You could access only the local market, and that put a limit on your choices and options. But now, the evolution of E-commerce websites has made it possible to buy even from international markets. It has increased the customer’s choice, and the quality of production has also improved, resulting from increased competition.

The E-commerce website design facilitates the buyer to complete the transaction through the most accessible possible channel.

Amazon and eBay are rightly called the pioneer of the E-commerce website. These websites have made revolutionary progress in the field of E-commerce. In modern times, there are many websites selling goods online, from clothing to food items, from makeup to gardening accessories, you name it, and it is available on multiple E-commerce websites. Even social media platforms are also becoming E-commerce platforms.

An estimation showed that E-commerce sales were about 11.5% of the total sales over the first quarter of 2020.

The pandemic significantly impacted online sales, and people preferred to buy goods through e-commerce websites. E-commerce sales have grown ever since because now people are more inclined to purchase goods from the comfort zones of their homes.

Some of the examples of the most popular E-commerce websites are:

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. Target
  4. eBay
  5. Alibaba
  6. FlipKart
  7. Newegg
  8. Overstock
  9. BestBuy

How Does An E-Commerce Website Work?

E-commerce is the process that facilitates the customer to shop online and process payments without the hassle of carrying cash and going out to shop.

It allows customers to find their desired product, add it to their “cart.” A cart is a virtual shopping trolley that contains all the goods the person is willing to buy. The cart saves the person from being lost while checking out of the website. Once the customer finishes selecting goods, he can securely add his payment details and complete the process efficiently.

E-commerce websites have made shopping more accessible and more fun. A study revealed that online sales will expectedly reach 22% of global retail sales by the end of 2023; it was only 14.1% in 2019.

In short, E-commerce websites follow a series of steps, selecting your product, confirming the order, and add payment and other delivery information. However, e-commerce alone might not be very much effective as compare to one with right and effectual digital marketing strategies and tactics.

How To Develop An E-Commerce Website?

There are two ways to develop an E-commerce website. Either you can make it yourself or hire a professional website developer to do this task for you. If you are interested in website development but have no idea how to do it, you must find an easy and user-friendly website builder tool or software. The innovation of such software has made this job relatively more manageable. If you are worried about your E-commerce website design, several ready-to-use templates are available that allow you to develop a website like a pro.

On the contrary, if you want to hire a professional developer, you will be saved from the worries. All you will have to do is explain to the developer what you want and how you wish to see your E-commerce website.

It is essential to note that user experience should be your foremost priority in E-commerce website development. You should make an extra effort to make your E-commerce website easier for your potential customers, and they can get away with the entire process with just a few clicks.

Online shopping is increasing because the customer feels safe with the process, and they enjoy the experience of shopping for their favorite goods without roaming from store to store.

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Why Is An E-Commerce Website Important?

Whether the business is small, a start-up, or a large-scale business enterprise, an E-commerce website is equally essential. E-commerce websites can benefit a company in numerous ways. An E-commerce website design enables the seller to sell his products with minimum waste and production cost. It reduces additional costs and increases profit margin.

E-commerce websites hold enormous importance in any buying and selling business.

Some of the importance of an E-commerce website are listed below:

  1. It can increase market reach ( global customer base).

2. It reduces cost for goods, services and shipping.

3. E-commerce websites ensure secure and encrypted transactions.

4. This result in a shortened distribution chain.

5. It can complete the order more efficiently.

6. It provide more precise data for further sales foreasting.

7. Targeted marketing can be done effectually, based on age, demographics and interests.

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Top 10 E-Commerce Myths And Their Realities:

E-commerce has become the need of the modern world. Many studies have proven that many people have started shopping online. This change in people’s attitudes has opened a new horizon for sellers to explore new markets to get better turnover and more business.

However, with growth comes different types of challenges, questions, and concerns. It also gives rise to many misconceptions. Many new vendors in E-commerce consider it a piece of cake, but the reality is that it takes a lot of effort and time to build a robust E-commerce website. It is a long-term investment in general.

There are many myths regarding E-commerce websites related to both sellers and customers. It is necessary to rule out every myth to enable the seller and customer to make the most out of E-commerce websites.

Listed below are a few myths regarding E-commerce websites and their facts. It is necessary because it is necessary to manage an E-commerce website successfully.

Opening an online store that requires no additional recruitment and asset cost may sound easy. Although, the reality is quite different. There is a myth that running an E-commerce website is easy and doesn’t take much effort.

1. E-Commerce Is Easy And Simple:

Making an E-commerce website does not always guarantee that people will buy your unless you care for a few extra things. You have to focus on the needs of the customers. Furthermore, it would be best to ask your developer to make your E-commerce website equally responsive on mobile phones on laptops or PCs.

A seller also has to take care of many things such as customer service, chatbot service, marketing, technical issues, payment methods, delivery options, extra room for customized orders, and a lot more. Running a successful E-commerce website takes a lot more than it seems.

2. My E-Commerce Website Don’t Need Optimization; My Website Is Enough:

Making E-commerce is not always enough if you want to make some actual earnings out of it. Optimization serves the purpose of a roadmap for your website that drives your audience to your website. It is necessary because it improves the overall performance of your E-commerce website. With the help of correct SEO approaches, you can bring your business into the eyes of your customer.

There is a myth among people that optimization is a waste of time and money. However, the fact is that optimization is an investment that you make on your website to increase your sales and generate more leads.

Optimization makes your website search engine’s favorite, and it will ultimately start showing in your client’s search results. In other words, optimization is the fuel that keeps your E-commerce website running and generating business; ignoring it will make you suffer losses.


3. It’s Quite A Headache To Handle These Digital Platforms:

E-commerce has become an essential need of today’s business world. Many large companies are also making their online stores, increasing their revenue by many folds. The one who needs to survive in these times of globalization and E-commerce must develop an E-commerce website. The other way to benefit from this trend is to use E-commerce platforms. Many digital media platforms also work as E-commerce platforms, allowing their users to buy and sell goods without going to the store.

In current circumstances, an E-commerce website is necessary to enable people in business to explore new sources of revenue.

An E-commerce website facilitates direct selling to the customer, and this is a blessing of digital platforms that have removed all the hurdles that restricted direct interaction with customers. All these features have made digital platforms relatively easy and friendly to use.

4. E-Commerce Environment Restricts Communication:

Unlike in past times, the internet has become easily accessible to everyone. Today’s world is rightly called the Digital Era. More people are using the internet. They have easy access to most of E-commerce all around the globe. The evolution of e-commerce has removed all the boundaries between the local and international markets. Additionally, the customers can buy goods even from the global market using these platforms.

An E-commerce website is a virtual shop where you can get customers from every part of the world.

E-commerce has made it possible for the customer to check for the reviews and feedback of the product that he is willing to buy. This feature is usually not available in physical shopping. It is next to impossible for a person to ask about the reviews of any product from previous buyers, but E-commerce has made it easy.

It is an obvious fact that E-commerce has made communication easier and faster than ever before.

5. My Company Has A Good Sales Ratio; I Don’t Need To Shift To E-Commerce:

Most vendors observe this myth that an E-commerce website is necessary only when sales are dropping. They are actually at a loss. They are keeping themselves deprived of the benefits that an E-commerce website offers.

The recent pandemic had a very impact on store sales, but on the other hand, E-commerce websites was earning even more profits. Evidently physical sales are uncertain; any natural calamity or even a slight climatic change can negatively affect it. On the contrary, an E-commerce website can operate business regardless of any unforeseen circumstances.

It is a need for every business person to start selling online along with physical sales. It is also essential to surviving against your competitors.

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6. The E-Commerce Environment Have Tough Competition:

Ever wonder if all the successful businessmen have never put any effort because of a chance of failure. There is a saying that goes by, “No Pain, No Gain”. Success only comes to those who dare to take risks.

It is an un hidden fact that there is very tough competition in this field. However, making a solid E-commerce website design will make you instantly noticeable and head out your competitors.

You can make yourself different by adding a new and unique product line, offering a special discount, announcing a clearance sale, or giving a buy one get one free offer. You can make your website design more fun and different, providing users with a unique and memorable experience. This strategy will help you build an engaging audience that will like to visit your E-commerce website again and again.

It is undeniable that you will face the competition, but you can change the game in your favor by simply following a few promotional steps. This feature is a plus point of E-commerce.

7. Setting Up An E-Commerce Website Will Be Inexpensive:

Businesses need investment. If you are planning to start a business, you have to invest money and time. Only then can you expect to earn from your company. The investment includes monetary (marketing and promotional costs) and non-monetary (time, efforts, and planning) resources.

Creating a store requires investment. Likewise, creating an E-commerce website also needs investment. A physical store might have limitations to accommodating a limited number of customers, but an online store does not have any limitations. It can allow many customers at a time. This feature enables a seller to earn maximum profit and returns on investment with increased sales.

An E-commerce website is maybe somewhat expensive, but it will increase your profits exceptionally. If you consider gains over costs, you will understand that an E-commerce website is worth the price.

8. Low Prices And Sales Will Attract Many Customers:

It is not feasible for any businessman to sell his products below his cost price. There was a time when prices were the main concern for customers, but now the mindset has changed. Price is the most negligible factor that most people consider while shopping. While, other things like quality, trend or fashion, brand name, and a particular celebrity endorsement.

Apart from price, the trust between vendor and customer plays a crucial role. People usually buy from those brands from where they have already shopped before. People also tend to buy from those sellers who treat them well. Customer service is the key to maximum sales.

People, when use an E-commerce website to shop, are looking for an easy and user-friendly interface. The one which makes the shopping process easy and secure. A person will never like to revisit an E-commerce website where he was troubled with many questions. And where the payment method was not safe, or where the delivery of goods was either slow or clumsy.

An unjustified high price will indeed make you lose your customers. Moreover, it is also not wise to sell your product at a meager price.

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9. The E-Commerce Website Will Make Transactions Easy:

Digitization has indeed made everything relatively more accessible and faster than ever before. People in past times had never imagined shopping globally with just a click, but today it has become; all thanks to E-commerce. But setting up an E-commerce is not the only thing.

You have to update it now and then. An E-commerce website can cause huge blunders that will going to have a massive negative impact on your business:

Thus, making an E-commerce does not guarantee that you will never face any of these issues; only an extra effort and consideration can help you minimize the chances of such blunders.

10. Setting Up An E-Commerce Website Will Solve All Of Your Problems:

An E-commerce website is a solution to numerous problems in business, but it is not a flawless system. Human manages even an E-commerce website, the possibility of error is always there. Nonetheless, there is nothing impossible to tackle. All you have to look for is the possible flaws and issues that may arise shortly.

Moreover, it is also necessary to keep an eye on changing market trends, customer moods, upcoming festivities, and your competitor’s potential move.

All these factors play an essential role in the success of your E-commerce website.

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Final Thoughts:

E-commerce is quite a difficult platform, but on the other hand, its benefits outweigh its difficulties. Even in modern times, businesses hesitate to opt for E-commerce websites because of a never-ending list of myths. However, the time has come to switch to E-commerce because it is easier, faster, and more efficient.

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