Have you ever thought about why you never get to visit the fifth page of the Google results? Why are your queries and concerns always cleared by the first two pages of results? You might think that they provide us with all the relevant information in the most convenient way, so you don’t have to go further to search for answers.

Web app development and design that is user-friendly and ranks the search engine search results is certainly not a piece of cake. If your website is not built correctly from the first point, the functionality can be negatively affected along with the bounce rate, sessions, and session duration.  

So, we are providing you with a comprehensive guide on the common mistakes to avoid in web app development and designing. Therefore, make sure that you stick to this article to the end and give it a thorough read! So, without further discussion, let’s jump straight to our first mistake you should certainly avoid.

1. Not Including A Call To Action On Website:

If you are developing or operating a website meant to promote or advertise products, services or brands, then Call To Action is the critical part that can either drive hundreds of sales or nothing to your brand.

Call To Action or CAT is meant to give your reader or visitor specific instructions for what they have to do next. It is the most important pillar of website copy, and if not written clearly or in an easily understandable manner, your reader might get confused and leave your website.

Let’s have a glimpse at some of the CTAs you can have on your website:

  • Sing Up To The Newsletter
  • Purchase The Product Or Service
  • Create Your Account
  • Read More Blog Or Article
  • Contact The Salesperson
  • Share On Social Media Platforms
A clear CTS is critical for effective web app development; otherwise, your visitors will be confused and leave the website.

2. Your Website Is Very Slow To Load:

Nothing frustrates a visitor more than a prolonged loading time. A good loading time for a website is 2 to 3 seconds, and if your website takes time more than this, your visitor might run away and not visit again.

A big reason behind the extended loading time is un-optimized photos of websites, especially those present on the homepage. Your visitor can get scared if your photos are not quickly loading. Therefore, make sure that you optimize your websites’ photos and other graphics. Therefore, avoid uploading high-sized or high-resolution photos.   

3. No Overall Optimization Of Website:

Not performing optimization on your website can drive results that are not only hazardous for your website but can also make your website less user-friendly.

The overall concept of optimization is divided into three categories that are on-page, off-page and technical optimization and is responsible for the functioning of different aspects. Let’s have a look at some of the features of optimization:

  • Optimizing the title, tags and description
  • Optimizing the photos and graphics
  • Putting the relevant-non-plagiarized and SEO based content
  • Decreasing the loading time of the website
  • Setting the well-researched and relevant keywords

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4. User Interface That Is Difficult To Use Of Understand:

A simple yet exciting user interface is important to interact between the website and the visitor successfully. It also facilitates the Call To Action factors of your website.

If your website design is very congested or your CAT part is not cleared, visitors might get jumbled and leave your website. Therefore, a successful digital promotion includes a user and mobile-friendly website. For this purpose, keeping a constant check on website analytics is important as it enables you to analyze the traffic and visitor’s behaviour.

The Final Verdict:

The main reason behind creating a website is facilitating your customers by digital transformations. Your brand’s business and advertising game level up by an extensive and functional web design. Therefore, be certain that you avoid such mistakes during web app development that make your visitor experience complex or time-consuming. 

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